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Raphael is a hard-working father and engineer who simply wanted to create a brand of custom suiting and accessories for men. His educational and professional training centers on engineering, but his passion lies in creating elegant, sophisticated suiting for the well-dressed gentleman, no matter what his occupation. He is one of the rare people who can actually craft and design custom men’s suiting. His creativity allows him to visualize every detail of the attire; his analytical training assures him of accurate measurements, that result in the perfect suit designed specifically for each individual client. No matter what your occupation, whether you are an engineer, sales professional, or C-Suite executive, every gentleman should be able to embrace the elegance, and style a well-made suit affords him.

Mr. Tilley has grown his company to include custom suits, dress shirts, ties, shoes, and accessories including pocket squares, cuff links, tie pins and lapel adornment. All pieces are coordinated from complementing fabric selections, colors, to design styles, and patterns. As the business continued to develop, Raphael noticed some of his clients could benefit from a concierge service. So, as any conscientious business owner would do, he decided to meet the needs of his clients. He implemented a service that allowed him to come to the client and take measurements, bring pre-selected fabrics, and designs to the client, and allow the client to choose what they want in the comfort of their own surroundings, without adversely impacting the client’s most valuable resource, their time!

Many well-dressed successful business men in Huntsville, have been outfitted by Motif Stylez. Suits are well designed from a stylistic view, and they are crafted with the wearer in mind. The attire is made to the custom measurements of each client.

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